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  1. Africa: Africa Cancer Foundation Launched

    The fight against cancer has received a boost with the launch today of the Africa cancer foundation. The mission for the foundation, the first ever in Africa, will include fighting for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as quality cancer care.The foundation will also focus on increasing efforts for cancer prevention as well as mobilize resources towards cancer care. Medical services minister Anyang Nyongo presided over the [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 13, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  2. soc in gimnastica cea mai buna sansa a romaniei la medalii s a retras afla motivul si reactia marianei bitang

    SOC in gimnastica! Cea mai buna sansa a Romaniei la medalii s-a retras! Afla motivul si reactia Marianei Bitang:

    Soc la lotul de gimnastica. Campioana mondiala Ana Porgras se retrage din gimnastica, la numai 18 ani [detalii...]

    LUNI 16, IANUARIE 2012 / gimnastica
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  3. Kenya: My Experience as a U.S. Cancer Patient

    Since I left Nairobi three weeks ago to seek further treatment for my prostate cancer in Americas advanced cancer institutions, I now have more information I can give to my friends, colleagues and followers of this column. On arriving in Atlanta on June 20, I spent the first week booking appointments with Emory University Hospital Cancer Center, the Georgia Cancer Center and Radiotherapy Centers in the Atlanta [detalii...]

    VINERI 8, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  4. Uganda: Testicular Cancer, A Rare but Aggressive Tumour

    Testicular cancer is one of the rarer forms of cancers accounting for just a small percentage of new cancer cases every year. The cancer originates from the germ cell of the testicle and manifests itself as a swelling on one or both testes. It is usually painless at the beginning but becomes painful as it [detalii...]

    MARTI 18, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  5. Instructoare gimnastica pre-/ postnatala

    - Conceperea de programe de gimnastica pentru gravide in functie de particularitatile individuale ale fiecarei sarcini; - Gimnastica [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 21, APRILIE 2010 / Locuri de munca
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  6. A murit Maria Simionescu, fosta mare antrenoare de gimnastica

    Fosta mare antrenoare de gimnastica Maria Simionescu a incetat din viata la varsta de 85 de ani, anunta Federatia Romana de Gimnastica, citata de Agerpres. Maria Simionescu a fost si vicepresedinta a Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica, iar impreuna cu sotul ei, Gheorghe Simionescu, a organizat si asigurat conducerea Liceului de gimnastica de la Onesti, creand pentru prima data in lume scoala cu acest [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 22, AUGUST 2012 / Hot News
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  7. South Africa: Vinegar Test Can Help Identify Cervical Cancer

    [Health-e] As many young women are now developing cervical cancer and more are at risk of cancer of the cervix because of HIV infection, new and simpler methods of diagnosis are needed. Now, scientists have discovered that vinegar is useful in diagnosing cervical [detalii...]

    LUNI 21, MAI 2012 / Sport International
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  8. Kenya: Aga Khan Heart And Cancer Unit Opened

    President Kibaki has called for concerted efforts in the fight and treatment of cancer in the country. He pledged that the government will finalise the Draft Cancer Bill and Strategy to provide a comprehensive framework for the treatment and control of cancer and cardio-vascular diseases. At least 50 Kenyans die daily as a result of the disease while 82,000 are diagnosed [detalii...]

    MARTI 26, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  9. Medaliile si tara Luminita Paul analizeaza sansele echipei Romaniei la CM de gimnastica

    S-ar putea sa nu urcam pe podium la CM de gimnastica. Problema e ca patim asta tot mai des, in multe sporturi, iar vina nu e punctuala Luni incep Campionatele Mondiale de gimnastica. Altadata prilej pentru a deschide un cufar si [detalii...]

    29, SEPTEMBRIE 2013 / Fotbal Romania
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  10. Uganda: Lung Cancer High in Both Women and Men

    Cases of lung cancer are on the increase in both women and men in old age, this is according to Kampala cancer registrar Henry Wabinga. He said that the incidence of cancer of lungs since 1954 is now four -folds in increase and this is both in women and [detalii...]

    LUNI 12, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  11. Experts call for equal access to cancer care worldwide

    At the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress, held this week in Berlin, scientists from the Lancet Oncology Commission delivered a manifesto of sorts, calling on global officials to implement radical changes in the way cancer care is handled, in an effort to improve affordability and access to cancer care for all [detalii...]

    MARTI 27, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  12. Nigeria: Country Increasingly Vulnerable to Cancer

    Cancer is one of the worlds most killer diseases today that has defied total cure. It is one of the major causes of death in Nigeria especially among the women who die from cervical and breast [detalii...]

    JOI 3, FEBRUARIE 2011 / Sport International
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  13. Africa: Stop Smoking to End Lung Cancer, Urges Expert

    The single biggest impact on cancer can be made by reducing tobacco use, a leading expert has told delegates at the World Cancer [detalii...]

    VINERI 20, AUGUST 2010 / Sport International
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  14. US Government dedicates day to skin cancer education

    The Environmental Protection Agency has named the Friday before Memorial Day Dont Fry Day in an effort to educate Americans about the dangers of skin cancer, now the most common cancer in the [detalii...]

    LUNI 23, MAI 2011 / Sport International
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  15. Uganda: A Lonely Soldier in Ugandas Fight Against Cancer

    [PRIs The World]Jackson Orem is a busy man. He directs the Uganda Cancer Institute - the only dedicated cancer treatment facility in a country of 33 million [detalii...]

    VINERI 21, DECEMBRIE 2012 / Sport International
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  16. Africa: Cancer Rates On the Rise - Report

    [VOA]The cancer agency of the World Health Organization said in a new report that cancer cases are expected to surge 57 percent worldwide in the next two decades, leading to increased need for prevention [detalii...]

    MARTI 4, FEBRUARIE 2014 / Sport International
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  17. Virus shrinks cancer cells

    Engineered viruses can be successfully infused into a cancer patients body to selectively infect and shrink cancer cells, researchers show. Twenty-three advanced-cancer patients who had failed to respond to available treatments were infused with an engineered strain of vaccinia [detalii...]

    VINERI 2, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  18. Breast cancer and the environment

    A review of research on environmental risk factors for breast cancer. These days, all over the world and in the United States in particular, breast cancer is one of the most common health risks for [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 10, DECEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  19. Texas Set to Tackle Cancer

    The Tackling Cancer Foundation has been so well supported in Texas, that it is super excited to announce its fall raffle fundraiser! Proceeds generated will be used to support the Any Baby Can Cancer Foundation in Texas as well as the Vanguard Cancer Research Foundation in California. "We are really excited to be involved again" [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 13, OCTOMBRIE 2010 / Sport International
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  20. Uganda: Poor Nations to Get Cancer Drugs At Reduced Cost

    [New Vision]The two companies that make vaccines against cervical cancer announced Thursday that they would cut their prices to the worlds poorest countries below 5 per dose, eventually making it possible for millions of girls to be protected against a major deadly [detalii...]

    LUNI 13, MAI 2013 / Sport International
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  21. Wife: Kellys cancer aggressive, spreading

    Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is expected to undergo surgery following the return of oral cancer. His wife, Jill, says the cancer is aggressive and starting to [detalii...]

    MARTI 25, MARTIE 2014 / Sport International
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  22. Gimnastica face istorie neagra Dupa 30 de ani fara nici o medalie!

    Gimnastica. Intrecerile mondiale de la Tokyo s-au incheiat ieri cu un record negativ pentru gimnastica romaneasca: nici un "tricolor" nu a urcat pe podium. Mariana Bitang, antrenoarea lotului feminin, a explicat care sint motivele esecului [detalii...]

    LUNI 17, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Fotbal Romania
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  23. Can nutrition alone reverse established cancers?

    A reputed nutritionist and biochemist says changes in diet can cause cancers to regress. We know that following a healthy diet can help prevent certain forms of cancer, just as an unhealthy diet can promote cancer. It has also been shown that a radical change of diet will help in the fight against established cancer when used in combination with traditional treatments, but can nutrition alone reverse [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 4, MAI 2011 / Sport International
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  24. Campionatele Europene de gimnastica artistica din 2013, mutate la Moscova

    Uniunea Europeana de Gimnastica a anuntat, joi, ca cea de-a V-a editie a Campionatelor Europene Individuale de gimnastica artistica, masculina si feminina, din 2013, va avea loc la Moscova, in loc [detalii...]

    JOI 11, OCTOMBRIE 2012 / Fotbal Romania
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  25. Murray To Feature In "Rally Against Cancer" For Hutchins

    The Aegon Championships is to host Rally Against Cancer - an all-star doubles match on finals day to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, which supports The Royal Marsden, the world-leading cancer centre treating British tennis player Ross Hutchins. [[More Tennis News on [detalii...]

    VINERI 22, FEBRUARIE 2013 / Sport International
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  26. Early morning smokers at higher cancer risk

    Smokers who light up as soon as they wake are more addicted to their habit and more at risk from associated cancers says new research published by the American Cancer Society. Those who lit up a cigarette between 31 and 60 minutes after waking were 1.31 times more likely to develop lung cancer as those who waited for an [detalii...]

    LUNI 8, AUGUST 2011 / Sport International
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  27. Swaziland: No Hospital Care for Cancer Patients

    More than 300 Swazi cancer patients being treated in South African hospitals have been repatriated according to Swaziland the Cancer Association of Swaziland, (CANASWA), after the government of King Mswati III could not meet their medical [detalii...]

    VINERI 24, IUNIE 2011 / Sport International
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  28. Octavian Bellu: "Romania are potential in gimnastica"

    Octavian Bellu, care a acceptat marti sa revina la lotul national feminin de gimnastica, alaturi de Mariana Bitang, a apreciat ca gimnastica romaneasca are potential in continuare, chiar daca rezultatele din ultimii ani nu au fost pe masura [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 2, IUNIE 2010 / Sport 365
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  29. Federatia Internationala de Gimnastica a deschis o ancheta in urma acuzatiilor facute de Irina Deleanu

    O comisie de disciplina a Federatiei Internationale de Gimnastica (FIG) va investiga afirmatiile facute de Irina Deleanu, presedintele Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica Ritmica (FRGR), intr-o emisiune de televiziune, legate de favorizarea [detalii...]

    LUNI 26, MARTIE 2012 / Fotbal Romania
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  30. Namibia: Skin Cancer Rife in Namibia

    [New Era]Windhoek -Skin cancer remains the leading type of cancer in Namibia with 417 cases noted in 2011 alone. However, more recent statistics are yet not [detalii...]

    MARTI 5, FEBRUARIE 2013 / Sport International
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  31. Southern Africa: Governments Failing to Address Cervical Cancer

    [IRIN]Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in southern Africa, but new research reveals that governments attempts to address the disease have been inadequate. Access to cervical cancer screening services is minimal, few countries in the region have policies on the disease, and treatment remains a major [detalii...]

    VINERI 30, NOIEMBRIE 2012 / Sport International
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  32. Namibia: Spar Races for Cancer

    Spar Supermarket Namibia has again joined hands with the Quinton-Steele Botes Cancer Trust Fund in hosting the 2nd edition of the annual Spar Road Race, aimed at creating awareness about cancer and [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 6, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  33. ​CM Gimnastica: Echipa masculina a Romaniei s-a calificat la JO de la Londra

    Echipa masculina de gimnastica a Romaniei a obtinut calificarea la Jocurile Olimpice de la Londra (2012), tricolorii incheind pe locul sapte calificarile de la Campionatul Mondial de Gimnastica de la Tokyo. Primele opt clasate isi asigura biletele pentru Olimpiada de anul [detalii...]

    LUNI 10, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Hot News
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  34. A new technology to help combat breast cancer

    The development of C-Path, a computerized diagnostic tool to help combat breast cancer. The full research paper will be published today in Science Transitional Medicine, outlining a breakthrough in the symptom diagnosis and treatment of breast [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 9, NOIEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  35. Screening could cut bowel cancer deaths by a quarter, says study

    Bowel cancer deaths fell by 27 per cent after Scottish patients took part in a home screening test, a National Cancer bodys annual conference [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 9, NOIEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  36. Cals Montgomery had surgery for bladder cancer

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- California mens basketball coach Mike Montgomery says he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had surgery last week that has left him [detalii...]

    VINERI 28, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  37. Romania, in finala pe echipe la Europenele de gimnastica

    Echipa masculina de gimnastica a Romaniei a reusit sa se califice de pe locul 5 la Campionatele Europene de la [detalii...]

    JOI 1, IANUARIE 1970 /
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  38. Nigeria: Country Records 480 Cervical Cancer Cases Weekly - Consultant

    [Daily Trust]Sokoto -Cervical cancer is the second commonest female cancer worldwide with 529,000 cases and 275,000 deaths per year. Also, an estimated 25,000 new cases of cervical cancer with 480 cases per week are recorded in Nigeria yearly, Consultant Obstetrics/Gynaecologist, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH), Sokoto, Dr. Nnadi Daniel [detalii...]

    27, OCTOMBRIE 2013 / Sport International
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  39. Medaliatii la CE de gimnastica de la Berlin vor urca pe podium in centrul orasului

    Uniunea Europeana de Gimnastica (UEG) a anuntat ca premierea sportivilor medaliati la Campionatele Europene de la Berlin va avea loc in aer liber, in centrul orasului. Campionatele Europene de gimnastica vor debuta miercuri, printre [detalii...]

    MARTI 5, APRILIE 2011 / Fotbal Romania
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  40. ​CM Gimnastica: Romania, locul doi in calificari dupa trei subdiviziuni

    Echipa de gimnastica feminina a Romaniei se afla pe locul doi dupa primele trei subdiviziuni din calificarile contand pentru CM de Gimnastica (se desfasoara la Rotterdam), fetele lui Octavian Bellu (228.495 puncte) fiind depasite, pana in acest moment, doar de China [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 16, OCTOMBRIE 2010 / Hot News
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  41. Cals Montgomery had bladder cancer surgery

    California mens basketball coach Mike Montgomery says he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had surgery last week that has left him [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 29, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  42. Uganda: Government Launches Cancer Vaccination Programme

    [IRIN]Kampala -The government of Uganda has launched a vaccination campaign against cervical cancer - the most common type of cancer among Ugandan women - but there are already fears a nationwide rollout might be jeopardized by lack of [detalii...]

    VINERI 7, SEPTEMBRIE 2012 / Sport International
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  43. Namibia: Cancer Centre Delays Put Patients at Risk

    THE two-month closure of the radiotherapy unit at the State cancer centre is putting cancer patients at greater [detalii...]

    VINERI 1, APRILIE 2011 / Sport International
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  44. Namibia: Shedding a Kilo for Cancer

    MORE than 200 people from across Namibia are taking part in the Shed A Kilo For Cancer fundraiser in aid of the Cancer Association of [detalii...]

    JOI 1, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  45. Bruno Grandi: "Codul de punctaj din gimnastica e o bomba cu ceas"

    Bruno Grandi, presedintele Federatiei Internationale de Gimnastica a transmis prin intermediul mass -media un mesaj expertilor care au adoptat noul cod de punctaj din gimnastica artistica, cerandu-le sa revizuiasca sistemul dupa care [detalii...]

    LUNI 2, MAI 2011 / Fotbal Romania
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  46. Nigeria: Access to Cancer Treatment, Virtually Non-Existent

    It is a gloomy picture for people diagnosed with cancer in Nigeria as Administrative Manager at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Lagos, Mrs Moji Animashaun, who made this observation in an email response to Saturday Independent, noted that although the number of oncologists (doctors who manage cancers) in Nigeria has increased, it is yet to translate to adequate access to cancer treatment because there has not been a commensurate increase in other personnel concerned with cancer [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 6, AUGUST 2011 / Sport International
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  47. Nigeria: Lack of Support Systems Bane of Cancer Treatment in Children - Experts

    EXperts have blamed the low survival rate of children with cancer in the country on lack of equipment and other support systems required for treatments. The experts who gathered at an Awareness Walk organised by Children Living with Cancer Foundation (CLWCF) lamented poor awareness level on the fact that cancer also afflict [detalii...]

    VINERI 30, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  48. Nigeria: Philathropists Urged to Support Cancer Patients

    In recognition of the high cost of cancer treatment in Nigeria, charity organisations, philanthropists and well meaning Nigerians have been enjoined to be involved in funding treatment for less privileged cancer patients so as to provide them with reprieve in managing their [detalii...]

    MARTI 20, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  49. Zimbabwe: Lets Take a Stand, Cancer Can Be Beated

    [The Herald]Many people have been astounded by the decision of prominant American actress Angeline Jolie to undergo radical surgery because she found she has a gene that gives her an 87 percent chance of dying of breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of dying of ovarian [detalii...]

    VINERI 17, MAI 2013 / Sport International
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  50. Gimnastica: Record de participare la CM de la Rotterdam

    Federatia internationala de gimnastica (FIG) anunta ca la editia a 24-a a Campionatelor Mondiale de gimnastica artistica, programate la Rotterdam (16-24 octombrie), s-a inregistrat un record de participare: 619 sportivi, care depaseste fostul record de 553 sportivi inregistrat la CM 1999 de la [detalii...]

    JOI 22, IULIE 2010 / Sport 365
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  51. Rwanda: Students Undergo Breast Cancer Prevention Training

    A local NGO, Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA), Wednesday, trained 71 students from Akilah Institute for Women on prevention of breast [detalii...]

    LUNI 25, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  52. Kenya: Do More On to Fight Cancer, State Told

    The government has been urged to stop lip service on the war against cancer and lift duty on cancer drugs and equipment. Speaking in Thika and Gatundu districts in Central Kenya, a section of leaders from the region said the government should address cancer with seriousness. The national coordinator of Kiarie Kamere Foundation, Joakim K. Kamere said that the government should waive duty on all drugs, machines and equipment to enable patients access affordable [detalii...]

    LUNI 31, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  53. Uganda: Rotary Club Awards Cancer Specialist

    Last week the Uganda Rotary Club 9200 Awarded Dr. Victoria Walusansa for her commitment to serving cancer patients at the Uganda Institute of cancer in [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 2, NOIEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  54. South Africa: Lucky to Be Alive After Smoke-Induced Cancer

    The dangers of smoking are well-known. Even cigarette boxes state publicly that smoking causes cancer, yet millions of South Africans continue to smoke. A former smoker talks about how smoking caused him cancer of the [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 4, IUNIE 2011 / Sport International
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  55. Uganda: Over 1,500 Children Diagnosed With Cancer

    [New Vision]Over 1,500 children are diagnosed with cancer annually, the director Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), Dr. Jackson Orem has [detalii...]

    12, AUGUST 2012 / Sport International
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  56. Adrian Stoica a pierdut alegerile pentru presedintia Federatiei Internationale de Gimnastica

    Presedintele Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica, Adrian Stoica a pierdut astazi alegerile pentru functia de presedinte al forului international de gimnastica, in cadrul Congresului Executiv care a avut loc la [detalii...]

    VINERI 26, OCTOMBRIE 2012 / Fotbal Romania
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  57. Juniorul Daniel Radeanu, medalii de argint la sol si sarituri la CE de gimnastica

    Juniorul Daniel Radeanu a obtinut, duminica, doua medalii de argint la Campionatele Europene de gimnastica de la Montpellier (Franta), in probele de sol si sarituri, informeaza site-ul oficial al Federatiei Romane de [detalii...]

    27, MAI 2012 / PRO Sport
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  58. Sandra Izbasa, Flavius Koczi si Valentin Mavrodineanu, gimnastii anului 2011

    Federatia Romana de Gimnastica a anuntat lista celor mai buni sportivi in anul 2011, la gimnastica artistica fiind desemnati pe primul loc Sandra Izbasa si Flavius Koczi, iar la gimnastica aerobica [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 21, DECEMBRIE 2011 / Fotbal Romania
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  59. Kenya: Sh350 Million to Be Spent On Screening of Cancer

    The ministry of Medical Services has set aside Sh350 million to be spent in the screening of cervical and breast cancer. Minister Anyang Nyongo said yesterday this was the beginning of the long fight against [detalii...]

    JOI 25, AUGUST 2011 / Sport International
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  60. bombardierul spaniei a fost in pericol de amputare a unui picior villa a riscat sa

    Bombardierul Spaniei a fost in pericol de amputare a unui picior Villa a riscat sa ...

    Atacantul Barcelonei si-a rupt femurul drept jucind fotbal la 4 ani, dar medicii au reusit sa-i salveze piciorul. Miine, David ar putea deveni campion mondial si golgeterul turneului.Fotbalul l-a facut celebru, insa tot [detalii...]

    VINERI 9, IULIE 2010 /
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  61. Bombardierul Spaniei a fost in pericol de amputare a unui picior Villa a riscat sa ...

    Atacantul Barcelonei si-a rupt femurul drept jucind fotbal la 4 ani, dar medicii au reusit sa-i salveze piciorul. Miine, David ar putea deveni campion mondial si golgeterul turneului.Fotbalul l-a facut celebru, insa [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 10, IULIE 2010 / Fotbal Romania
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  62. Stakhovsky Launches "Ace The Cancer Fund"

    Sergiy Stakhovsky recently launched the "Ace The Cancer Fund", in support of the National Ukrainian Institute of Cancer. [[More Tennis News on [detalii...]

    6, IUNIE 2010 / Sport International
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  63. Uganda: Help Comes to Kids With Cancer

    At a first glance, one would be hard pressed to believe that children at Bless a Child Foundation (BCF) have [detalii...]

    JOI 23, IUNIE 2011 / Sport International
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  64. Aur pentru gimnastica artistica romaneasca

    Dupa mai bine de opt ani, tara noastra castiga medalia de aur la gimnastica [detalii...]

    25, APRILIE 2010 / Cotidianul
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  65. CM de gimnastica: 532 de sportivi din 80 de tari

    Campionatele Mondiale de gimnastica vor debuta vineri, la Tokyo, cu participarea a 532 de sportivi, printre care se numara si cei [detalii...]

    LUNI 3, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport 365
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  66. Campionatele Europene de Gimnastica Artistica de la Moscova, 19-21 aprilie, la TVR

    De vineri pana duminica, telespectatorii TVR 1 si TVR HD, precum si cei care urmaresc programul TVR online, pe, pot vedea evolutia gimnastilor nostri la Campionatele Europene de Gimnastica Artistica de la Moscova pe parcursul a aproape douasprezece ore de transmisiuni in direct. Conducatorul lotului de gimnastica Octavian Bellu va fi invitatul Eugeniei Voda la Profesionistii, sambata, 20 aprilie, de la [detalii...]

    JOI 18, APRILIE 2013 / Hot News
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  67. Romania s-a calificat de pe locul 5 in finala pe echipe la CE de gimnastica

    Echipa masculina de gimnastica a Romaniei a incheiat, joi, concursul de calificari pe locul 5, la Campionatele Europene de [detalii...]

    VINERI 25, MAI 2012 / Fotbal Romania
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  68. romania s a calificat de pe locul 5 in finala pe echipe la ce de gimnastica

    Romania s-a calificat de pe locul 5 in finala pe echipe la CE de gimnastica

    Echipa masculina de gimnastica a Romaniei a incheiat, joi, concursul de calificari pe locul 5, la Campionatele Europene de la [detalii...]

    JOI 24, MAI 2012 / PRO Sport
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  69. romania a batut rusia si a iesit campioana europeana la gimnastica dupa 4 ani transmite le aici un mesaj campioanelor noastre

    Romania a batut Rusia si a iesit CAMPIOANA EUROPEANA la gimnastica dupa 4 ani! Transmite-le aici un mesaj campioanelor noastre:

    Echipa de senioare a Romaniei a castigat medalia de aur la Campionatele Europene de gimnastica de la [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 12, MAI 2012 / gimnastica
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  70. urzica propus pentru a prelua postul de antrenor al lotului masculin de gimnastica al romaniei

    Urzica, propus pentru a prelua postul de antrenor al lotului masculin de gimnastica al Romaniei

    Presedintele Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica, Adrian Stoica, i-a propus fostului sportiv Marius Urzica postul de antrenor al lotului masculin de gimnastica al Romaniei, a declarat secretarul general al forului de [detalii...]

    JOI 10, DECEMBRIE 2009 /
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  71. Lower incidence of prostate cancer in coffee drinkers

    Men who drink more coffee could be at less risk from prostate cancer. The study, which focussed on a group of 50,000 men, found that those who drank six or more cups of coffee per day were 20% less like to contract prostate cancer than those who didnt drink [detalii...]

    LUNI 23, MAI 2011 / Sport International
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  72. romania a luat bronzul pe echipe la europenele de gimnastica

    Romania a luat BRONZUL pe echipe la Europenele de gimnastica

    Echipa feminina de gimnastica a Romaniei a castigat medalia de bronz in concursul pe echipe de la Campionatelor Europene de la [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 1, MAI 2010 / gimnastica
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  73. Morocco: Princess Ghida Talal Expresses Admiration for Action of HRH Princess Lalla Salma Against Cancer

    Princess Ghida Talal of Jordan, Chairperson of the "King Hussein Cancer Foundation," expressed her admiration for the commendable action of HRH Princess Lalla Salma, Chairwoman of the Lalla Salma Association for the Fight against Cancer, in terms of prevention and cancer treatment, praising the progress made in recent years in this [detalii...]

    JOI 22, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  74. Romania, argint in concursul feminin de gimnastica pe echipe

    Echipa feminina de gimnastica a Romaniei a castigat medalia de argint la Festivalul Tineretului European, care se desfasoara in aceste zile la [detalii...]

    JOI 28, IULIE 2011 / Sport 365
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  75. Zimbabwe: U.S.89 Million Cancer Treatment Machines Acquired

    THE Ministry of Health and Child Welfare on Monday said it has procured some modern equipment used for early detection of [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 21, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  76. gimnastica o lume minunata

    Gimnastica, o lume minunata

    De fapt gimnastica la inceput e doar o joaca. Chiar daca fetele intra in sala la trei ani, lucrul pe aparate incepe mult mai tirziuGimnastica feminina este un sport care a adus un sac de [detalii...]

    VINERI 12, FEBRUARIE 2010 /
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  77. Kenya: Ministries Directive On Cancer Care Timely

    [Nation] The latest statistics from the Nairobi Cancer Registry indicate that the three top killer cancers -- breast, cervical and prostate -- are on the [detalii...]

    LUNI 27, FEBRUARIE 2012 / Sport International
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  78. Gimnastica: Ana Porgras, campioana mondiala la barna!

    Gimnasta romana Ana Porgras a cucerit medalia de aur in finala la barna din cadrul Campionatului Mondial de Gimnastica de la [detalii...]

    LUNI 25, OCTOMBRIE 2010 / Sport 365
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  79. Martina Navratilova, diagnosticata cu cancer la san

    Martina Navratilova, fosta mare jucatoare de tenis de camp, a fost diagnosticata cu cancer la san, dupa cum informeaza The People. Din fericire pentru fosta campioana, boala a fost depistata in faza incipienta, iar medicii sunt de parere ca doar o persoana din o suta diagnosticata cu acest tip de cancer [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 7, APRILIE 2010 / Hot News
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  80. Africa: Economic Development Equals More Cancer

    Cancer deaths in Africa are projected to double by 2030 due to growth and ageing of the [detalii...]

    VINERI 4, FEBRUARIE 2011 / Sport International
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  81. Uganda: Women Screened for Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer patients have been warned against using herbal medicines for [detalii...]

    VINERI 15, IULIE 2011 / Sport International
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  82. Paterno dies at 85 after 2-month cancer battle

    Joe Paterno has died at the age of 85 after experiencing serious complications from lung-cancer [detalii...]

    LUNI 23, IANUARIE 2012 / Sport International
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  83. Nigeria: Cervical Cancer - Peace Targets 10,000 Women Nationwide

    [Vanguard] Touched by the plight of Nigerian women suffering from cervical cancer, wife of the Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Christian Church, TREM, Bishop Peace Okonkwo is targeting 10,000 women nationwide for free cervical cancer screening as part of activities to mark her 60th [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 20, IUNIE 2012 / Sport International
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  84. Cei mai buni sportivi romani se retrag din activitate

    Unii dintre cei mai buni componenti ai loturilor nationale de gimnastica aerobica intentioneaza sa se retraga din activitate, din diverse motive, anunta Federatia Romana de [detalii...]

    VINERI 16, IULIE 2010 / Sport 365
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  85. Sochi 2014: Cancer sufferer designs Canadian skier Brad Spences helmet

    When charitable alpine skier Brad Spence takes to the mens slalom track on Saturday, the world will see his helmet adorn the design of a cancer patient. Canadian Spence met 17-year-old Gillian OBlenes, who suffers from bone cancer, during a hospital visit in Calgary 18 months ago. After a word from her mother about the [detalii...]

    MARTI 18, FEBRUARIE 2014 / Sport International
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  86. Exercise and caffeine prevent skin cancer

    Exercise and caffeine can help prevent skin cancer, a top cancer charity has been told at its annual [detalii...]

    MARTI 3, APRILIE 2012 / Sport International
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  87. Nigeria: CLWC Walks for Children Living With Cancer

    As part of its own contribution towards preserving the lives of children living with cancer in Nigeria, a non government organisation, Children Living with Cancer Foundation (CLWCF) said it is dedicating proceeds from its 2011 Awareness/Fund-Raising Walk, tagged: "Walkathon 2011a- to the procurement of two centrifuges (blood separating machines) for the Oncology Department of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital [detalii...]

    MARTI 13, SEPTEMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  88. Kenya: Grapples With Rising Cases of Cancer

    From an obscure and insignificant disease that was known to affect a few old or rich people, cancer has now risen to become one of the leading causes of death in [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 8, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  89. Kenya: Hitch in War On Cancer As Few Go for Tests

    Most urban women are yet to go for cancer screening despite aggressive campaigns to persuade them to undergo the tests this month, a new survey [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 26, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport International
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  90. Britains Hutchins has cancer

    British tennis player Ross Hutchins has been diagnosed with cancer and says he hopes to return to the circuit before the end of the year after six months of [detalii...]

    JOI 10, IANUARIE 2013 / Sport International
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  91. Romania, locul I in calificari, dupa primele cinci subdiviziuni, la CM de gimnastica

    Echipa feminina de gimnastica a Romaniei se claseaza pe primul loc, vineri, dupa prima zi de calificari, cu un total de 227.228 puncte, la Campionatele Mondiale de la [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 8, OCTOMBRIE 2011 / Sport 365
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  92. instructor/instructoare gimnastica/dans gradinita

    Instructor de dans sau gimnastica pentru copii prescolari. Orele se desfasoara in spatiul gradinitei, Strada Bratului nr. 14 - Zona Stefan cel Mare,... Locul ofertei: [detalii...]

    JOI 3, APRILIE 2014 / Locuri de munca
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  93. forminte a demisionat de la lotul de gimnastica bellu si bitang s au intors dupa 5 ani

    Forminte a demisionat de la lotul de gimnastica! Bellu si Bitang s-au intors dupa 5 ani!

    Forminte a plecat de la lotul de [detalii...]

    MARTI 1, IUNIE 2010 / gimnastica
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  94. fetele de aur de la gimnastica s au intors acasa declaratie geniala ponor sunt doar o fosta gimnasta care a revenit putin nimic mai mult

    Fetele de AUR de la gimnastica s-au intors acasa! Declaratie GENIALA Ponor: Sunt doar o fosta gimnasta care a revenit putin, nimic mai mult

    Nationala Romaniei de gimnastica a revenit in tara dupa ce a facut legea la Campionatele Europene din [detalii...]

    LUNI 14, MAI 2012 / gimnastica
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  95. Rwanda: Vaccination Against Cervical Cancer to Begin Soon

    The country is set to introduce a new vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that is expected to reduce the number of women dying of cervical [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 26, MARTIE 2011 / Sport International
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  96. Bryan Robson faces throat cancer battle

    Former England captain undergoes surgery for throat cancer but specialists are optimistic about chances of making a full [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 16, MARTIE 2011 / Sport International
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  97. Karl has more complications in cancer recovery

    DENVER (AP) -- Nuggets coach George Karl has another blood clot in his right leg as he recovers from radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat and neck [detalii...]

    2, MAI 2010 / Sport International
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  98. Rwanda: 2,000 Screened for Cervical Cancer

    [New Times] Over 2,000 women have benefited from the ongoing mass cervical cancer screening campaign organised by Partners in Health (PIH), a US-based [detalii...]

    SAMBATA 25, FEBRUARIE 2012 / Sport International
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  99. Amalia Nicola, campioana europeana la gimnastica aerobica!

    Chiar daca Bogdan Popa si Cosmin Muj s-au retras din activitate, gimnastica aerobica aradeana continua sa produca valori, semn ca munca antrenoarelor Andreea Toth (CS Municipal) si Ramona Haidu (CS Universitatea) nu e in [detalii...]

    MARTI 15, NOIEMBRIE 2011 / Sport 365
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  100. drama martinei navratilova are cancer la san

    Drama Martinei Navratilova: are cancer la san!

    Fosta jucatoare de tenis Martina Navratilova a dezvaluit, intr-un interviu acordat publicatiei americane People, ca a fost diagnosticata cu cancer la [detalii...]

    MIERCURI 7, APRILIE 2010 / tenis
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